The Liberty Range

A smart digital home care system

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The Liberty Range

Liberty is our advanced “Internet of Things” digital home care system which uses a range of connected devices revolutionise home care for both individuals and carers.

Connected via a dedicated LoRaWan network, Liberty uses a range of smart consumer devices such as Alexa and discreet sensors, allowing citizens to live independently whilst giving carers greater insight into health and wellbeing.

Healthier at Home

The Liberty Range helps loved ones stay independent at home for longer, giving you reassurance and peace of mind.

Predictive Care

The Liberty Range allows carers to make more informed decisions. Powerful insights help to reduce care costs and spot signs early, such as deteriorating health and wellbeing.

Safety & Security

Liberty can monitor who enters and exits the home, helping citizens feel safer and secure whilst managing dementia and other complex health issues.

Environment Monitoring

The Liberty Range monitors home environments including smoke, fire and gas, allowing citizens and families to feel more comfortable.

Managing care and independence at home

Liberty helps manage a range of emergency scenarios and care pathways, including:

Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring

Our interconnected alarms allow you to feel safer at home.

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Regular temperature and humidity monitoring allows you to feel more comfortable, whilst supporting health issues such as asthma.

Room activity monitoring

Monitor how often you visit certain rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen. This helps identify health and wellbeing patterns.

Visitor logging

Allowing you to monitor who enters and exits the home at specific times.


Our system integrates with Alexa to remind you when to take medication and when to eat and drink.

Assistance requests

With Alexa, you can chat with friends and family and request assistance from our 24-hour digital monitoring service.
Room Activity Monitoring
Smoke and Fire
The Liberty Home Hub
Multi-sensor environment monitoring
Flood monitoring
Alexa voice and video assistant

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