How We Help

Independence, Empowerment and Reassurance

How Communicare247 Can Help You

At Communicare247, our mission is to help people from all ages, backgrounds and different care pathways to feel healthier and more confident when living independently in their own homes and within their community.

Communicare247 provides reassurance for families across the UK. We offer a range of technology enabled care solutions, providing you with a choice of devices that you can implement in the home and wear outside to help build confidence, gain independence and improve your quality of life.

Feel Independent and Safe at Home

The Heritage Range

Living at home alone doesn’t need to feel isolating or dangerous. With Communicare247, you can feel empowered and independent at home with your safety reassured.

The Heritage Range provides you with a range of digital devices for the home that allow you to call for emergency help when you need it most.

Living at home can often be unpredictable. Falls, health scares and general accidents can occur, putting you in danger. With the Heritage Range, emergency help is only a button press away.

Feel Reassured with Smart Home Monitoring

The Liberty Range

Liberty is our advanced digital home care system that uses a range of interconnected devices to monitor your health and wellbeing at home to provide powerful analytics to predict future care.

With a range of sensors located around the home, including room activity monitors, smoke and CO detectors, door monitors and using voice assistant technology such as Alexa, care circles can stay informed of their family members health and spot signs deteriorating health early.

Go Outside Confidently

The Freedom Range

Social isolation is a growing problem across all age groups. With safety concerns keeping people inside, our Freedom Range exists to help you grow confidence to reconnect with your community again.

Our Freedom Range provides you with GPS enabled devices and apps, empowering you to engage with others outside of your home, reducing social isolation. Each device features an SOS button and location tracking, so you know there’s help on the way at the click of a button!

Live a healthier and happier life

The Live Well Range

Living with illness doesn’t need to stop you from doing what you love. Our Live Well Range lets you live a healthier and happier life with digital remote health monitoring.

From conditions such as Asthma, COPD and Epilepsy to frailty and post-surgery care, the Live Well Range provides you with a range of accessories to better manage your health at home so you can stay independent and enjoy doing what you love.

Spot the Signs Early


You can monitor the health and wellbeing of your family member at your own convivence with our Archangel® system.

Archangel® is a powerful system that allows you to spot the signs of deteriorating health early through assessing regular activity reports. The system also allows you to monitor and respond to your own family members alarms for added reassurance.

We're here for you 24/7

Digital Monitoring

To ensure that you feel safe and secure whilst using our services, we offer our 24-hour monitoring services, allowing us to react quickly to emergency situations.

We have partnered with Response247, an Alarm Receiving Centre which provides 24-hour support and emergency assistance to people with a variety of care needs including vulnerable people, people with learning disabilities, older people and people with long-term conditions and complex needs.