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The Freedom App

The Freedom App was designed with freedom in mind. Providing reassurance and safety, the Freedom App transforms any smartphone into an emergency alarm.

The Freedom App features an advanced fall detection sensor, advanced location services and intelligent reporting tools to monitor the safety of citizens at home and in the community.

Whether it’s a trip to the shops, visiting a neighbour or on a holiday within the UK, the Freedom App ensures help is only a click away.


Integrated SOS Button

Using our key-lock override technology, the Freedom app transforms your lock button into an SOS assist button and connects you via a two-way and recorded voice link, to first-responders or to live operators within a monitoring service.

Fall Detection

The ‘Sensor’ fall-detection feature, has three highly configurable functions which measure tilt, impact, and non-motion. The app will activate using one or more of these sensor functions and raise an alert to a first responder or monitoring service.

Advanced Location Monitoring

Utilising wi-fi and GPS technology accurately locate citizens to within a few meters in an emergency and secure mapping and reporting tools can be used to analyse individual history to assess routines and social inclusion.


Sometimes it's important to identify areas of special risk or hazards, to know where citizens are, or establish if they arrived safe and on-time. Our Geo-Fencing feature permits the scheduling of real-time alerts to confirm when a citizen leaves and enters a defined safety zone.

How the Freedom App can help you

Safety and Reassurance

The Freedom Device features emergency assistance technology, enabling you to access the care you need in an emergency, 24/7/365.

Supporting Independence

The Freedom Device allows people who live alone to go outside safely. This reduces social isolation, loneliness and increases physical activity.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

The Freedom Device can allow those living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s continue to live independently with geofencing enabled for extra reassurance and safety.

Additional Support Needs

The Freedom Device supports those living with additional support needs, including autism and downs syndrome, to live more independently.

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