Feel safer at home

With EVA from the Heritage Range

The EVA Telecare Unit

EVA is a complete digital future-proof telecare system that gives you confidence to live independently at home.

With a unique voice guided installation system, EVA ensures good cellular coverage is available and ensures that range testing is completed and connected with our monitoring centre, providing you with reassurance and peace of mind.

EVAs advanced technology is presented in an easy to use system for citizens, providing safety and reassurance.

EVA allows the option for citizens to be monitored by our 24-hour Digital Monitoring Service (Alarm Receiving Centre) or by family, friends or caregivers through our Archangel system.


300m+ Pendant and Telecare Range

EVA enables 300m peripheral range as standard, ensuring that an alarm can be raised from anywhere in the home and garden.

Safety Checks and Voice Announcements

EVA’s advanced safety’s features include, IP connection and telecare heartbeats, power management, voice notifications (incl. cellular, power and pendants testing announcements) and more.

Voice Guided Set Up Process

EVA comes fully equipped with a voice-guided self-installation process. This means that the user themselves, a carer or family member can install the device without the need for a technician. This process included safety checks to ensure that help can be reached when needed.

70 Hour Battery Life

As part of the extensive safety features, EVA comes with a 70hr battery backup, over 3x the industry average. This ensures customers are safe in the event of a mains power outage.

Extensive Peripheral Compatibility

EVA is able to connect with a wide range of peripherals and accessorires as part of a comprehensive home safety telecare system.

Additional  Devices

The EVA telecare unit is compatible with a range of peripheral devices. Check out our range of additional devices.

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Feel safer at home with EVA

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