Our Services

At Communicare247, our mission is to help people to become more independent at home and within their own communities, whilst supporting existing care facilities with efficiencies. Below, you can find a range of our services which support this goal.

Traditional Digital Telecare

The Heritage Range

Our Heritage Range provides the familiar “button and box” setup, so often associated with traditional Telecare systems, but it contains the latest in digital connectivity. Developed with safety and outcomes  in mind, this blend of old and new is an option that  retains familiarity of form and function for citizens and achieves the switch from analogue to digital  connectivity for service providers.

Personal Mobile Alarms

The Freedom Range

Our Freedom Range provides mobile equipment and apps, empowering citizens to become  fully engaged within their local communities, reducing social isolation. The Freedom Range assists carers with reablement, assessments of  independent living and activities, provides data analysis for fall prevention and helps to identify  the location of an individual during a crisis.

Smart Living

The Liberty Range

Liberty is our advanced “Internet of Things” digital home care system which uses a range of connected devices to revolutionise home care for both individuals and carers.  Connected via a dedicated LoRaWAN network, Liberty uses a range of smart consumer devices such as Alexa and discreet sensors incorporated into the home to support  independence, safety, security, wellbeing and environment  via ambient monitoring.

Smart Wellbeing Monitoring

The Live Well Range

The Live Well Range is an innovative medical grade range of tele-health products which monitor multiple and complex health conditions, helping  individuals and care professionals to remotely manage health care efficiently and effectively. The Live Well Range helps to monitor conditions such as Asthma, COPD and Blood Pressure, whilst supporting individuals with post-surgery care.

Alarm & Citizen Monitoring


Archangel® provides you with infrastructure to manage interoperability within your care system. Archangel® allows you to combine multiple systems and data sources to match with individual profiles, create rules, respond to and manage SOS and welfare alarms, view and manage locations of citizens and create and assess activity reports to support more efficient and improved care outcomes.

24-hour Digital Monitoring Service

Digital Monitoring

To ensure that all citizens feel safe and secure whilst using our telecare devices and solutions, we offer additional 24-hour access to our monitoring services. We have partnered with Response247, an Alarm Receiving Centre which provides 24-hour support and emergency assistance to individuals with a variety of care needs including vulnerable people, people with learning disabilities, older people and people with long-term conditions and complex needs.