Doro: Digital Telecare. The need for a transition to digital systems...

This article reviews the risks associated with the use of
analogue social alarms and the opportunities presented by
digital technology. As analogue social alarm systems do
not integrate reliably with new digital infrastructures,
people are at risk of not receiving the help they need,
when they need it. It will explore how digital telecare
systems offer reliability, efficiency and quality to service
providers and their users, and how, by switching to digital
systems we can ensure that older and vulnerable people
enjoy living independently, more securely - for longer.

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TSA: A Digital Future for Technology Enabled Care

Technology enabled care, particularly telecare and
telehealth, plays an increasingly important role in
health and care. Yet it is threatened by disruption
as UK telecommunications shift from analogue to
digital. It is essential that we, the TEC community,
work with service providers, communications
companies and regulators to build a roadmap
that minimises disruption whilst harnessing the
transformational opportunities offered by digital.

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