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Enhanced care, capacity and efficiency.

We enhance your service delivery

Communicare247 offers a wide variety of technology enabled care (TEC) services to help you better manage service delivery for clients, with choice, enhanced care, increased capacity and overall efficiency in mind.

With our smart range of product and service choices, Communicare247 can help you make care decisions based on gathered evidence which is collected intelligently through our Archangel system. Communicare247’s around the clock activity reports gather evidence based on a person’s routine, highlighting areas of improvement to enable preventative care.

Our Product and Service Choices

Developed with care service providers in mind

Assessments & Reablement

Our diverse choice of products and services allow you to conduct assessments to help guide patients towards a more independent lifestyle at home and in the community. Archangel allows you to gather evidence of daily activities to identify areas where care can be introduced or enhanced.

Supporting Care Pathways

Communicare247 assists care providers who support a range of care pathways. Our service directly improves the quality of life for people living with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and for those who have additional support needs including autism and physical and sensory impairments. Our service also helps people with long term health conditions to live a healthier and happier life with independence.

Predictive Care

With our Archangel system and Liberty Range in the home, care providers can assess daily living activities to understand and predict where future care will be needed. Spotting the signs of illness early allows patients to stay independent at home without hospital intervention. Alternatively, this system allows you to use evidence to identify where physical care can be reduced.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

Communicare247’s range of care choices allow you to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Integrating our digital telecare equipment into the home improves health and wellbeing whilst reducing the need for physical care calls. Our predictive care approach allows you gather evidence to direct physical care services where it is needed most.

Care managed in one complete system

Meet Archangel

Archangel is our Integrated Care at Home System which allows you to manage care more effectively in one complete system.

Providing you with the tools to conduct regular health assessments based on living activity, Archangel is designed to support better health outcomes and service delivery.

With it’s own alarm dashboard, location tracker and alarm handling call service integrated into the System, Archangel has been designed with care providers in mind.

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