The Heritage Range

Digital Devices That Care

The Heritage Range

Our Heritage Range integrates the familiar "button and box" set up, so often associated with Telecare, with the latest in digital connectivity. Developed with outcomes in mind, this blend of old and new is a familiar option that will effectively aid citizens even after the switch from analog to digital.

Our home Digital (IP) Telecare Solution integrates both safety and well being by offering a variety of devices which are able to monitor the well-being of a citizen and respond to them during and after incidents

Doro digital device

Digital Ready

As the switch from analog to digital begins, our devices are ready to connect via IP or GSM.


Easy to Install

Simply plug and go. We updated our boxes firmware remotely so citizens don't have to.

Communications Security Built In

Designed with security in mind, each device has a built-in protocol which protects the privacy of every user.


Two-way radio with high security

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Peripherals Devices

Motion Sensors, Heat Detectors and Pull cords are only a few of the additional services on offer.
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Select from 2, 3 and 5 devices to assist with health outcomes.