Heritage Plus5

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Heritage Standard plus 5

Choose from our selection of care boxes, we offer three versions which suit the infrastructure needs of those who are still to transition from digital, those who are in the process and those who wish to be completely digital.

Choose the devices that suit the needs of those in your care and receive a pull cord and bogus caller SOS button which can be worn on a citizen wrist, neck or waist.

Choose One Care Box


CareIP® was the world’s first IP Carephone. This helped pave the way for new generation of social alarm services where communication takes place digitally. The device simply connects into a domestic router, like a computer and works using broadband provision offering simple and easy installation.

CareIP Mobile

CareIP® Mobile offers a completely digital future-proof solution and can operate using GSM, GPRS and IP/Internet communication. CareIP® Mobile transmits an emergency alarm to the alarm receiving centre via the internet /GSM using TTNEW, CPC , SCAIP or UMOXML alarm protocols.


CareMobile® is a GSM/GPRS only carephone which communicates solely to the alarm receiving centre using digital connectivity. CareMobile® transmits an emergency alarm to the alarm receiving centre via the GSM/GPRS network using either SCAIP or UMO-XML alarm protocols. The battery backup can last for up to 120 hours.

Receive 2 Standard Peripherals

Bogus Caller Alarm

The bogus caller alarm can be used to make a silent call to the alarm receiving centre to summon help in the event of a visit from a bogus caller or if the client feels unsafe. The trigger can either be placed near the front door or be worn by the client.

Radio Pull Cord

The radio pull cord is ceiling mounted and can be strategically placed around the home for example in the bathroom or near the bedside, in order to provide the service user with a convenient means of calling for help in an emergency.

Select 5 Additional Peripherals

Choose from our catalogue of peripheral devices and tailor the service you deliver to the specific needs of those in your care.

These peripheral devices include Movement Sensors, digitally connected Gas, Fire and Carbon Monoxide detectors as well as wearable SOS devices and fall detectors

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Our Packages

Heritage: Standard Plus2

As Part of our Heritage Range, our standard plus2 package comes with with a digital IP Telecare Box, Bluetooth SOS button, smoke detector and 2 additional peripheral items.

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Heritage Standard

As Part of our Heritage Range, our Standard Digital Telecare Package plus 5 comes with a Digital IP Telecare Box, a Bluetooth SOS button and a digitally connected smoke detector.

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